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The Tech Squad

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Students and teachers will be working together to increase and improve the use of technology in the classrooms.  The Tech Squad will learn technology and collaboration skills to assist teachers during instruction.  The skills of focus are:  trouble-shooting for equipment & setup, connectivity, network essentials, and file saving.  This program immitates the work world as students create a dynamic resume & 21st Century Skills-based resume, maintain own "Work Order Form" for project monitoring and reflection upon work done, create how-to videos for school use and independent projects (Google Model) created or pursued during the year (wiki).  The project will culminate in creation of a how-to videos at the end of the year.  The video will be burned to DVD and uploaded to this wiki for distribution. This wiki is a template for students to use for their work.  It will be completed during the course of the year.   Unit_Plan.doc


Student Checklist for Success (click here to link to rubrics)

Summary of Process

  • Students apply to the program and are chosen based on teacher recommendation and parent agreement
  • Students meet after school for an initial assessment of skills and goals and to learn hardware setup, troubleshooting and locating material for teachers
  • Students create their resume and goals and submit them to teachers to get a “position” working in their classroom
  • Students meet with teachers, find out their needs and schedule “work” times
  • Students record and reflect on all work in the group wiki and on their private pages, periodically update their resume
  • All work is logged in the Tech Kids wiki and after each project, student reflect on their experience
  • Students attend PD trainings for Interactive Whiteboards and other technologies throughout the year
  • Project culminates with students evaluating the program and creating improvements and guidance for the next year.
  • Students complete their final resumes, one in terms of how they are 21st Century-skilled


Student Products

  • Dynamic Traditional Resume
  • 21st Century Skills Resume
  • How-to videos using screen capture and video cameras
  • Work Orders and Reflections
  • Self-Assessments
  • Independent Project Presentation to Group
  • Contribution to the Program, Planning for the Next Year


This project is designed to be adapted to the needs of any school and was designed through the INTEL Essentials for Master teachers course.  Please feel free to use the format and wiki code to reproduce it to your needs.  Contact Emily Mann emily.mann@pimaregionalsupport.org or any Arizona Technology Integration Specialist for assistance (contact information below).


Curriculum-Framing Questions:

Essential Question
Unit Questions    Example Content Questions  
We are all in this together, how can we best help each other? How can students assist with a teacher’s technology use? How do you troubleshoot wireless connections?
  • How do we communicate effectively?
  • How do we troubleshoot?
  • How do we share what we know?
  • Where do we find answers and learn more skills?
  • How do you display a computer screen through a projector?
  • How do you use a document camera?
  • How do you save to the server?
  • How do you network a printer?
  • How do teachers request assistance?
  • Who do we call for extra tech help?
  • How do I document and reflect on my learning?





If you would like assistance with this program, wikis or any other Educational Technology program, please contact your county's Technology Integration Specialist

SITContacts.pdf download





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